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Battery Test System(110/220V Battery Bank)
1)Built-in IPC with 8’’ TFT screen
2)Embedded Linux operating system
3)Able to test discharge of 110V/220V battery bank
4)Able to monitor charging process of battery bank

Main Features:

1)Built-in IPC with 8’’ TFT screen

2)Embedded Linux operating system

3)Able to test discharge of 110V or 220V battery bank

4)Able to monitor the charging process of battery bank

5)Able to monitor the voltage change of battery cell by wireless communication mode in charging or discharging process

6)Patented load technology to ensure high-precision and adjustable constant-current discharge

7)Able to connect extra load unit to increase discharge current

8)Multiple and reliable fault protection measures

9)Test results can be save into tester directly

10)Test results can be copied via U disk or uploaded to PC via RS232 port

11)Able to view various parameters and curves of battery and generate the data reports in PC management software


Main Functions:

Battery Test System FD-220/110 is applied to test discharge and capacity of 110V or 220V battery bank, monitor the charging process of battery bank, and monitor the voltage and discharge curve of battery cell by wireless communication mode in charging or discharging process.


Technical Parameters:

1)Battery Bank Test

◇Adaptive voltage of battery bank: 110VDC or 220VDC      

◇Adaptive voltage of battery cell: 2V, 6V, 12V

◇Rated discharge current of host: 0~ 50A(110V/220V)

◇Discharge current of extra load unit: 0~120A(110V/220V)

◇Constant current accuracy: ±1 %       

◇Voltage measurement accuracy: ±0.5 %

2)Wireless Battery Measuring System

◇Modulation mode: GFSK

◇Working frequency: 428~434MHZ

◇Transmitting power: <10dBm

◇Receiving sensitivity: -100dBm

◇Transmitting current: <30mA

◇Receiving current: <12mA

◇Transmission speed: 100kbps

◇Transmission distance: <50m

◇Voltage measurement accuracy: >0.5%    

◇Working power source: DC 3~18V


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