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CT/PT Analyzer
1)Low-Frequency Test Method 
2)Full tests for all kinds of CT and PT 
3)High test accuracy  
4)Print the test results directly
5)Lightest weight: only 9kg

Main Features:

1) Low-Frequency Test Method
2) Test standards:IEC61869-2, IEC61869-3, IEEE/ANSIC57.13

3) Full Test Application: Protection CT, Measuring CT, TP class CT, all kinds of PT

4) 5.7 inches LCD screen

5) Adopt patented rotary mouse to replace traditional mouse and keypad

6) Automatic Display: knee point current and voltage,10% error curve,5% error curve, accuracy limit factor (ALF), factor of safety (FS), secondary winding time constant (Ts), remanence coefficient (Kr),accuracy class, saturated and unsaturated inductance

7) Excitation characteristic test

8) Ratio test

9) Phase and polarity test

10) Secondary winding resistance test

11) Secondary burden test

12) 5% and 10% error curve measurement

13) Transient CT parameters test

14) CT nameplate guess

15) Print test results directly via built-in printer

16) Portability: only 9 kg(19.84 lb)


Main Functions:

Able to test all kinds of CT and PT.


Technical Parameters:

◇Test standards: IEC61869-2, IEC61869-3, IEEE/ANSI C57.13

◇Maximum knee voltage measurement: 40kV

◇Output: 0~180V(RMS), 12A(RMS), 36A(peak value)

◇Voltage measurement accuracy: ±0.05%

◇CT ratio measurement

     range: 1~30000, accuracy: ±0.05%

◇PT ratio measurement

    range: 1~10000, accuracy: ±0.05%

◇Phase measurement

    accuracy: ±2min, resolution: 0.01min

◇Winding resistance measurement

    range: 0~300Ω, accuracy: 0.1%±1mΩ

◇Burden measurement

    range: 0~300VA, accuracy: 0.1%±0.1VA

◇Memory capacity: >3000 groups test results

◇Power supply: customized (AC 220V/230V/120V/127V,50Hz/60Hz optional)

◇Working condition

    temperature: -10℃~50℃;

    moist: ≤90%RH

◇Dimension: 340×300×150mm(13.39×11.81×5.91 in)

◇Weight of host: 9kg(19.84 lb)



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