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Contact Resistance Tester
1)DC current test:200A
2)Constant power output
3)Print the test result directly
4)Lightest weight:only 8kg
  • Main Features:

    1)Be used for testing circuit breaker
  • 2)DC current test: 200A
  • 3)Power output mode: constant
  • 4)Duty cycle: last 60s@100A,  last 30s@200A
  • 5)LCD screen display
  • 6)Print the test result directly

Main Functions:

Be applied in circuit breaker test and power cable connection quality inspection.



Technical Parameters:

1) Test current: DC200A (100A/200A for different shift selection)

2) Power output mode: constant

3) Duty cycle: last 60s@100A, last 30s@200A

4) Measurement range: 0-1999.9μΩ, resolution: 0.1μΩ

                                            0-19.99mΩ, resolution: 1μΩ

5) Accuracy: ≤0.5%RDG+0.2μΩ

6) Display mode: LCD

7) Max memory capacity: >300 groups test result

8) RS232 computer interface

9) Power supply: customized(AC220V/230V/120V/127V,50Hz/60Hz optional)

10) Environment temperature: 0~50°C

11) Humidity: ≤85%RH

12) Size: 340mm*280mm*210mm

13) Weight: 8kg


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