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Electronic CT/VT Tester
1)Calibrate both Electronic and Electromagnetic CT/PT
2)MU communication protocol
3)Waveform display
4)Local host operation

Main Features:

1)Electronic current / voltage transformer calibration

2)Traditional current / voltage transformer calibration

3)MU communication protocol

4)Display ratio error, angle error, polarity, frequency and their maximum value and minimum value in real time

5)Waveform display

6)Synchronous Clock

7)Local host operation


Main Functions:

1)Calibrate electronic transformer analog output/digital output, optical network signal’s ratio error and angle error.

2)Calibrate the signal ratio error and angle error of electronic transformer’s digital output IEC60044 7/8 FT3, FT3LE.

3)Calibrate digit frame structure of electronic transformer’s digital output IEC61850-9-1,9-2,9-2LE.

4)Calibrate the ratio error and angle error of traditional transformer’s analog output.

5)Output synchronous PPS second pulse and IRIG-B code optical signal.

6)Display the standard signal, calibrated signal and error signal curve.

7)Display digital signal full channel waveform and effective value and digital signal data frame discrete curve.

8)Display the calibrated transformer’s ratio error, angle error and composite error curve and observe the linearity and stability of electronic transformer or MU in long-term time.

9)Display the calibrated digital signal harmonic content.


Technical Parameters:

1)Accuracy level: ratio error: <0.05%; angle error: <2 '
2)Communication protocol: IEC61850-9-1, 9-2, 9-2LE; IEC60044 FT3, FT3LE

3)Input signal range: voltage: 0~120V; current: 0~6A

4)Harmonic test accuracy: ratio error: 0.1%Uh or 0.1%Ih; angle error: 10’
5)Waveform discrete test accuracy: <0.1us
6)Digital input interface:

◆IEC61850: one pair ST interfaces (multimode fiber, wavelength 1310nm)

◆IEC60044: one ST interface (multimode fiber, wavelength 1310nm)
7)Synchronous clock system: one IRIG-B code and one PPS second pulse ST interface (multimode fiber, wavelength 1310nm)


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