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Multifunctional Ratio Tester
1) Voltage ratio measurement of CVT(need to connect external 10kV AC HIPOT Tester)
2) Voltage ratio measurement of singe phase or three-phase transformer 
3) Turns ratio measurement of singe phase or three-phase transformer
4) Group vector measurement of singe phase or three-phase transformer
5) Print the test results directly

Main Features:

1)Voltage ratio measurement of CVT(need to connect external 10kV AC HIPOT Tester)

2)Voltage ratio measurement of singe phase or three-phase transformer

3)Turns ratio measurement of singe phase or three-phase transformer

4)Group vector measurement of singe phase or three-phase transformer

5)Able to calculate the ratio error automatically

6)Able to switch phase sequence and measuring range automatically

7)Cut off the test voltage automatically after the test finished

8)Save the test results into the tester

9)Uploading the test results via RS232 port

10)Print the test results via built-in printer

11)Identify the reverse connection automatically and prompt

12) Built-in protection circuit to prevent the incorrect connection 


Main Functions:

Able to test 80%, 100% and 120% ratio and angle of capacitive voltage transformer.


Technical Parameters:

1)Ratio test range:

  35KV/100V     35/√3kV / 100/√3V            

  66KV/100V     66/√3kV / 100/√3V

  110KV/100V    110/√3kV / 100/√3V

  220KV/100V    220/√3kV / 100/√3V

  330KV/100V    330/√3kV / 100/√3V

  500KV/100V     500/√3kV / 100/√3V

2)Test accuracy: ≤0.05

3)Accuracy range of tested capacitive voltage transformer: 1.0, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1

4)Power supply: customized (AC 220V/230V/120V/127V, 50Hz/60Hz optional)

5)Dimension: 400×190×440mm

6)Weight: 19kg

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