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Meeting for China Power Industry Standard "Digital Relay Test Equipment General Technical Conditions
Pubdate:2014-06-20 10:48


On June 6, 2014, the third meeting of China power industry standard "Digital Relay Test Equipment General Technical Conditions" was held in HAOMAI headquarters. The standard proposed by China Electricity Council, and was centralized managed by China Power Industry Relay Protection Standardization Technical Committee. The participators include a number of experts from State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, the provincial power company's technical specialists, as well as a number of power industry leaders, such as NARI, SAC, XJ, SF, HAOMAI.


The purpose of this standard is developed in order to standardize the design, manufacture, testing, inspection and use of digital relay test equipment, ensuring intelligent protection, measurement and control, and other smart devices testing  process properly and effectively protect the safety and stable operation of the power grid. The standard specifies the technical requirements of digital relay test equipment, test methods and acceptance rules, packaging, transportation, storage, signs, labels, instruction manual, complete sets of supply and quality assurance. It used for digital relay test equipment's design, production, application and testing and has a positive and significant meaning in the protection relay testing field.



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