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Wuhan Textile University Hires Our President Mr. Chen as Guest Professor
Pubdate:2014-05-09 16:15


On April 22, 2014, the graduate student instructor of electrification major Wang Shengxiang from Wuhan Textile University and his team came to our headquarters, hired President Mr. Chen and technical staff as guest professors, and issue a formal letter of appointment.  


Since 2012, our company started to carry out the research and development of electrical equipment with Wuhan Textile University, and achieved fruitful results. The gas relay tester and other equipment developed cooperatively are successfully enter into the market and receive good feedback. At the same time our company also carried the work of personnel training and the introduction of Wuhan Textile University, and become the designated practice base of Wuhan Textile University.


HAOMAI has been working with superior majors of renowned universities in China to conduct scientific cooperation and personnel training programs for the company's technology innovation impetus steady stream of upgrades and product innovation and achieve the career advancement of science and a win-win situation.


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